Video Testimonials

I’ve been to Three Rivers several times now and every time I have a wonder experience. I just went last Thursday for my second step for an implant. The Dr and staff are all so nice and make you feel calm. Highly recommended.
Brianna Rowland, November, 2020
I had been having trouble with a broken tooth that needed pulled. I was very nervouse and shaking while in the chair, the dentist and his assistant kept me calm and talked me through it the whole way. Afterwards the amazing assistant (woman with short dark hair) sat with me to make sure I was alright and calm, and explained everything I should expect over the next few days. I had a great experience and will absolutely be going back for future dental work.
Richelle Cameron, September, 2020
Very happy with both of my boys surgeries here. I was so nervous with both and they made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend this place! Great staff and doctors! Also thanks Karen for the special name bibs you drew for the boys.
Sarah Jenkins, August, 2020
I went for an extraction. The bedside manner is great The staff are very nice and professional. They were very patient with me being a wimp 😁.
Stephanie hall, February, 2020
Extremely friendly staff nicest of any place we’ve ever dealt with. Highly recommended. Dr. Khan is great. No problem making appointments and no unreasonable wait time for appointments.
Tammy lee , Zackery Smith, January, 2020
Had all four wisdom teeth cut out yesterday and haven’t had any pain so far. The whole staff was amazing and made me feel so calm. I could tell I was in good hands from the start. If I need any other oral surgeries in the future this is where I’ll be going and I’ve already started to recommend all my friends and family here 😊
Brianna Emery, December, 2019
I was referred to Dr. Kahn by my dentist and I’m very pleased with the professionalism of the nurses, anesthesiologist, and Dr. Kahn himself. He removed my 4 impacted wisdom teeth. I had a very easy recovery and wasn’t in too much pain after. I was put to sleep and was given medications to take after. I also was put at ease when I explained to the nurses that ibuprofen 800 makes me sick and he prescribed me a different medication. Every time I had an appointment I didn’t wait longer than 10 mins to be seen, he also answered any questions I had about the surgery. The day of the surgery all the staff was very sweet and helped me feel calm and even gave me a blanket because it was a bit chilly. A nurse even called me the next day to check up on me. The waiting room is also a nice place for people who are waiting because they offer a few beverages too and there’s a tv to help pass time. Dr. Kahn is very knowledgeable in his work, my mouth Is healing nicely and the stitches were put in very well. If I ever need anymore oral work done I already plan on going back to Dr. Kahn!
Brittany Jennings, August, 2019
This place is the best!
All VERY friendly staff. Always get ahold of them pretty easy without any problems.
My husband had to have seven teeth cut out. He was nervous and they made him feel comfortable from the time we got there till after he was done. They even called him the next morning to make sure he was still doing okay. My husband didn’t have to deal with any pain at all! This doctor knows what hes doing that’s forsure. If you need dental work done, I would highly recommend this place!!
Allison Hall, August, 2019
Had my wisdom teeth pulled and the experience was great. No pain for hours after, and all pain after was barely an issue. Recovery was smooth and without complications.
It's Shio, August, 2019
If you have to have teeth removed I definitely recommend this place. The staff are very nice and the Khan knows what he is doing. I had 7 teeth pulled and cut out in about a hour. I was expecting a lot of pain and didn’t have no pain at all after for even days after. They called the next day to make sure everything was going well. Very happy with the care I received!
Josh Hanlin, August, 2019
They were so nice and caring and they kept telling me it was going to be okay and they were funny. I highly recommend this place to get your wisdom teeth pulled!!!
Audrey Karwowski, July, 2019
Very caring knowledgeable people. Took very good care of me.
Robin Openbrier Russo, June, 2019
Best dental surgeon. He is very gentle and his staff is also very supportive. They even called me next day to see if all is well. Entire process went smoothly.
Preeti Ghodgaonkar, June, 2019
Everyone at this office is so nice! Dr. Khan took great care with my concerns and the surgery went well!.
Rosanna Madden, May, 2019
The entire staff from reception to Dr. Khan are all very pleasant and caring. I had a great experience.
Brandy Dungee, May, 2019

Got my wisdom teeth pulled out today and the doctors and staff was well treat you how you would wanna be treated great people.

Rebecca Shaffer, March, 2019
The staff was extremely friendly, comforting & knowledgeable. The facility was immaculate! I would highly recommend Dr Khan to everyone! Completely worth over the hour drive I had.
Brittany Tate, March, 2019
My 9 year old had to have some teeth pulled and we had a super great experience! I will go back for sure!
Rachel Marie Potts, February, 2019
Great place, the people were kind and the doctor was awesome. I had to have a tooth removed and it was the most painless experience ever. Great job!!! Highly recommend…
Todd, February, 2019
After having a terrible experience with my own when I was younger I got a referral here. His wisdom teeth were very deep and Dr Khan did an excellent job. My son only needed motrin and didn’t even take all 5 pain pills. That is skill! I learned long ago to be careful where you go and this place is definitely top notch!!
Bart Gibson, November, 2018
Definitely recommend this office. Very pleasant staff and doctors. My son had surgery last week and is doing great.
Renee Furlong, November, 2018
Pleasant and helpful staff. Dr. Khan was great!
Lisa Ressler, October, 2018
Great experience today for my wisdom teeth removal! The office staff is so nice and the surgery was a breeze. I don’t even remember falling asleep. Before I knew it I was being woke up and walking out the door. Highly recommend Dr. Khan!!
Dalton Grady, September, 2018
They took good care of my 4yo, who needed a surgical procedure. He recovered quickly from the anesthesia and his mouth is healing very well. Very nice, clean office. Parking situation not ideal. They need more designated spaces.
Charity Shereda, September, 2018
My sister and I both got our wisdom teeth out at the same time and our whole experience was great!! We went in the anesthesiologist talked to us about what was going to happen, went back he was great at putting our IV’s in and getting us anesthesia and Dr.Khan did a wonderful job doing the procedure ! The nurses were so helpful after the surgery getting us safely to our car ! We went back today for our 1 week post operation check up and everything is healing great and we are in no pain! Great experience! Thank you!!
Karly Elizabeth Krelic, July, 2018
Dr Khann and his whole staff were wonderful. I don’t want this to sound like fake feedback, but everything about my entire experience was great. My recover time was quick and easy. I was very impressed and pleased with my experience. I would have to help highly recommend the practice. Dr Khann is a very kind person.
Barbara Galasso Stinner, June, 2018
Dr. Khan and his staff were friendly and professional. They took the time to explain what would happen during surgery and answered all our questions. Surgery for our daughter went well and her recovery was faster than we expected. Thank you very much!
Traci Kaylor, June, 2018
The staff members are friendly and both of my surgeries went well.
Austin Oldham, June, 2018
Dr. Kahn was extremely nice, he gave me all of the options to consider before my tooth extraction. They invited me back for a post op to see how the socket was healing. I’d certainly go back if I needed any extractions or implants.
Nate C, April, 2018
Our experience with Dr. Khan and everyone at Three Rivers dental office has been amazing! Everyone has been helpful and informative during my daughters surgery for the extraction of her 4 wisdom teeth. I love the girls at the desk so much! I highly recommend Dr. Khan and his staff! ❤😊
Andie Roessler, April, 2018
I got my wisdom teeth out here, and the experience was great. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Would recommend to a friend!
Sarah S, April, 2018
I had to teeth that had to be surgically removed, they used IV sedation and I’m glad as to I’m terrified . After getting 10 teeth surgically removed I feel no pain besides swelling, they are amazing
Ashlyn Allen, March, 2018
The staff at Three Rivers was amazing. Everyone was so friendly and helpful for my wisdom teeth extraction. Highly recommended to others seeking an oral surgeon!
Keirstyn Kidder, February, 2018
I highly recommend Dr Khan. The staff is friendly. They explain everything that they’re going to do in full detail. He is a top oral surgeon in my book. And I can’t thank them enough for how they helped me
Sonya Micker, January, 2018
I was so very satisfied with the overall treatment and kindly staff members of this office…Dr khan was simply outstanding and compassionate regarding my experience. .I would highly recommend to anyone…thanks to all at this office for treating me so very well…
Cheryl Duttine, January, 2018
I never expected at age 41 to go in and have such a smooth recovery. I was told possible nerve damage and broken jaw. The staff had me so comfortable and the iv sedation was a breeze and I walked out of there with no problems. I was shocked to be able to still open my jaw well, and talk well and had barely any swelling. No nerve damage, no broken jaw. The healing was a breeze and you know you hear all the horror stories. Dr. Khan is by far the best at what he does. He took his time and made sure I didn’t have complications. Just follow the instructions and you will be feeling great. It never really put me down and I was expecting a long several days. Great Staff, Excellent Doctor! Highly recommend.
Heather Dallas Allison, January, 2018
Amazing staff and Dr. Khan is awesome! My son had his wisdom teeth out and I had to have 2 teeth pulled! I don’t have dental insurance so they really were great and it didn’t cost me as much as I thought it would!
Heather Roach Buckels, January, 2018
My 16 year old daughter had to have a baby tooth removed an adult tooth exposed. The staff was amazing with everything! From the surgery prep to making sure I was comfortable waiting on her during surgery. I Would highly recommend this office to anyone!!
angela robinson, January, 2018
Meant to do this a long time ago, had a total extraction upper and lower Dr.K and his staff are amazing 😍 I was completely terrified they made it a breeze I will be scheduling my mom here soon and all I can say is I will never trust any other oral surgeon ever☺
Rachel Penrod, January, 2018
My 16-year-old daughter had her wisdom teeth out at three Rivers oral. They made her feel so comfortable that the stress and anxiety before her surgery was gone. The doctor and the staff were friendly and so accommodating to all of her needs. Her surgery went amazingly well, she healed wonderfully and her post surgery checkup was perfect!!!
I recommend three Rivers oral to anybody who has a mouth. They are AMAZING!!!
Holly Bashaw, January, 2018
He pulled all my teethe Dr Kahn is a very good doctor. His staff is wonderful as well. I was put out did not feel a thing and when I came to I was good. If you are in need of a good oral surgeon please call and us him and his staff.
Johnna Anthony, December, 2017
All the staff was very nice and thorough, the extraction was very fast and had no problems. Would recommend to anyone.
oleta flinn, November, 2017
Just recently had canine exposure surgery and it went amazing. The staff are so polite and I felt so comfortable around them! I would definitely reccomend this office to others!!
hey itz kenzie, October, 2017
I am absolutely terrified of dentists. I had to get 6 teeth removed. The staff was GREAT, very clean place. The office is wonderful. They have bottles of water, kerig machine and big TV in one waiting room. And also another nice waiting room. They took my friend whom was driving me and I into the second room and eased all my worries by explaining everything to me. They then took me in for my surgery, gave me a nice warm fuzzy blanket, was very gentle and told me step by steo again everything that was being done. Started my meds and the next thing I know I was waking up. The nurse walked me right to the car, they wrote down all instructions for me. Also called me the next day to check on me. Absolutely would recommend them to anyone. Also very easy to find too!!
Amanda Jo, September, 2017

A two hour drive from where I live. But they made it well worth it ! Quick and easy.

Danielle McKinney, September, 2017
Great place very professional answered all my questions to a tee and did a very good job on my wisdom teeth
Scott Schmidt, September, 2017
I came here for a complicated procedure and I was handled with great care! The staff are excellent and kind. I highly recommend this place.
Brianna Dillinger, August, 2017
My wife’s experience was wonderful, all the staff was very professional and very helpful as well as caring.Dr Kahn was very professional and in my opinion he is a very good oral surgeon,my wife had no pain and no swelling.This was overall a very good experience.I would definitely recommend Dr Kahn to all my friends and family.
Christian Ball, July, 2017
Was super nervous to get my 4 wisdom teeth cut out but Dr. Khan & the staff were very helpful and made me feel relaxed. Definitely would recommend his office to anyone !!
Sierra Kramer, July, 2017
Wasn’t as bad as I thought
War Never Changes, July, 2017
Very nice staff and Doctor! Great care! My daughters surgery went great and they called the next day to check up on her.
Patricia Paulin Stumpf, June, 2017

Very Very Pleased with our experience at this office. My 3 yr old grandson had his two front teeth removed. He was seen very quickly and his teeth were removed on a Sunday. He was made to feel very comfortable at the office and was not afraid to go back. The office staff is very friendly as well as Dr Khan. We had no issues with his recovery, they checked up on him the next day. He had zero pain and very pleasant when he awoke from his sedation. He was eating and playing the same day. I highly recommend this office and Dr Khan for oral surgery.

Vicki Crouser, June, 2017
Amazing staff, very friendly my husband had all four wisdom teeth cut out. Made him very comfortable and made sure we were knowledgeable about the procedure. Would recommend this office to anyone.
Amanda Householder, June, 2017
My experience was amazing. Everyone is super friendly and honestly care about you. They took the time to make sure I understood what was going on and what the risks were. I would recommend that anyone that needs oral surgery go to DR.Kahn.
Kelsey Joanne, May, 2017

A wonderful dentist. I am a new patient to his office and called hoping to get an exam sometime soon for a toothache I’d been having, and they fit me in within a week. I felt the staff gave me there full attention until my problem was taken care of. They were awesome! I’d recommend this office of to anyone.

john dalessandro, May, 2017
The staff were extremely helpful and answered all my questions. They also did their best to ease my anxiety about having my wisdom teeth out and made sure to guarantee my comfort when I came home. Overall it was probably the best dentist experience I’ve had.
Terri Martinez, April, 2017
This was the second time I been there, very nice staff, and the doctor is great
Virginia Davis, April, 2017

Great staff. Very nice and professional. I will recommend everyone to this place. Thank you for making my time here nice.

Jessica Cappella Frazier, April, 2017
Dr Khan and his staff were all awesome! Made my son very comfortable
Jennifer Nightingale Carter, April, 2017
Great place, had all my top teeth taken out. The staff was wonderful. Going back to get my bottoms removed in a month or so.
Tabetha Lynn Tredway, April, 2017
I went here for my wisdom teeth removal surgery, my surgery was a bit more complex. Surgery went great and the staff was very friendly. Recovery has been a breeze, I definitely recommend them!!
Mallory Mozurak, April, 2017
Dr Khan and his team very quickly and professionally took care of my issue. Great work!
Pat Roddy, April, 2017
Dr. Kahn and his staff are amazing!! Highly recommended 🙂
shari beiswenger, March, 2017
I would recommend Dr. Kahn to anyone! Very professional! Warm and friendly environment!
Mendi Burgess, March, 2017
Excellent care with patient staff. Love Dr. Khan and I would reccomend him to everyone.
Maddie Smith, February, 2017
My experience there was great! They are all so very nice! If you’re nervous they try and help you feel more comfortable. They did amazing with my surgery, they are definitely the best I’ve been too! If I ever have to get something done again, I’m definitely going back to them! I highly recommend them!
Annie Long, February, 2017
My 16-year-old daughter needed to have all four of her wisdom teeth removed, Doctor Kahn was absolutely amazing. Toni helped my daughter to feel comfortable and relaxed as she had extreme amounts of anxiety. All of our miscellaneous appointments that we needed outside of our follow ups were scheduled in a timely manner and the doctor was very attentive and helpful. I would strongly recommend him for your family.
Gerald Ward, February, 2017
Staff and Dr Khan were very nice to my 9 year old daughter. They explained her procedure in easy to understand terms and made my daughter feel comfortable. The office runs very efficiently we hardly had to wait at all.
TRICIA KING, February, 2017
I have to say they are all the most amazing people. I have bad anxiety with dentist and the dr and his helpers were amazing the keep me calm and even gave me a hug after I will never forget them . If ur afraid go see them.
Melissa Jo, December, 2016
Wonderfull…..loved everyone… very professional.
Jeanna Hood, November, 2016
Easy wisdom teeth removal. Professional staff. No unnecessary pain.
Michael Johnson, November, 2016
I was very pleased with the Doctor and the staff! Would recommend coming here to anyone.
Caitlyn Nicole Heath, November, 2016
Great place to go for dental procedures!!! Had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and had no problems. The staff and dentist are great and very plesent….Would recommend them to all.
Melody Charnock-Courtwright, November, 2016
I liked going, the process was not long and it wasn’the painful.
Kera Wollangur, November, 2016
Absolutely amazing. I first went for a consultation on getting my wisdom teeth and a molar removed but when my appointment time came I found out I was expecting and couldn’t go through anesthesia. So after my first trimester was over I went back to get one of my wisdom teeth and the molar, that had been bothering me, removed. They let me know ahead of time that I could only have a certain type of numbing medicine since I was still 6 months pregnant. I went in and they numbed each tooth and the surrounding areas and got straight to work pulling them out. I didn’t feel any pain what so ever! Both teeth were badly decayed and the molar was actually broken as well. It was just alot of pressure but not one bit of pain! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Millermika, November, 2016
I had to have oral surgery on 2 teeth so we chose this office. Upon entering for the first time we were greeted by friendly employees and the doctor. The surgery went well and there has been no complications so far. I visited for a checkup a week after the surgery and everything was fine. I look forward to having any future surgeries done here. I highly recommend Dr. Khan and his staff.
Trevor Meek, November, 2016
Great place wonderful nursing and reception staff (Thank you Karen and Lisa), anestiologist was great (Thanks John), and Dr. Khan did an awesome job on removing my wisdom teeth. Thank you all for relieving me of the pain I was in.
Tim Smith, October, 2016
Wonderful place to be, great staff and love the doctor!!
Lorenza Wilmoth, October, 2016
I’ve had my fair share of dental nightmares. But today was not one of them. I had such a great experience. Dr. Khan and his staff were incredible. Was referred there. Best referral ever. 3 minutes and my tooth was out. Just amazing.
Shardae Reed, September, 2016
I was so nervous about getting my tooth pulled they had me laughing the whole time. This is a awesome place wonderful staff I will for sure return here, even for my family.
Marcia Noble Bell, April, 2016
This was my first time being treated by Dr. Khan and I have to say it was one of the best if not the best dental experience I’ve ever been through in my life. I would give them 6 stars but they only allow me to put 5 lol. Thank you and your staff Dr. Khan everything was great.
Des Bai, April, 2016
The office is new and the staff is very polite. I had a pretty serious extraction surgery done and everything went very well. Dr. Kahn himself called me the next day at home to check up on me. I’d highly recommend his office for any work you may need.
Mr Buckland, January, 2016
Everyone is very friendly and they made sure that I had a very pleasant experience.
Mayla H., December, 2015
Dr. Kahn’s office was very welcoming and the service was excellent. A week after surgery all is well. I would highly recommend doing business with them in the future.
Emanuel Bernardi, December, 2015
I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Khan, and he did a wonderful job. He is a great dentist, and I would definitely recommend to anyone that is looking to get any type of oral surgery inside of a comfortable environment with friendly staff. Most definitely 5 Stars!
James Bryte, December, 2015
Went to get a bCk tooth pulled. Liked the doctor alot.he was extremely nice and made me feel right at home.als9 I knew the lady who worked at the front to desk from school and it made a wonderful experience.
Jannie Carleen Warholak, November, 2015

Love my job, co workers and the Doc!! We are growing so fast and have had a great new year in Canonsburg!!

Jennifer Jones, November, 2015
Staff was very professional and efficient. A very friendly atmosphere. I’ll be coming back to them for any future reasons.
Nic Tavaglione, November, 2015
Extremely professional and friendly. Would highly recommend.
Robert Wheeler, November, 2015
Had my second visit today to Dr. Khan’s office in Canonsburg. I highly recommend them very professional and they make you feel at ease! There are oral surgeons closer bit they are so worth the over an hour drive.
Penny Price, November, 2015
i absolutely loved the nurses and the doctor they were all very friendly and made me feel at ease. i would definitely recommend this doctor to everyone!
Melissa Barnhart, November, 2015
I had my wisdom teeth removed here a different times. my bottoms teeth were a challenge but with the skill provided by Dr.khan i had no bruising or major issues. A week later i am healing perfect with no issues.
Amy Dowell, October, 2015
Quick an pain free nice caring people make you feel very comfortable and safe.
Shannon Villers, October, 2015
Very polite and professional staff. It seemed like I was in and out in no time. The doctor seemed very knowledgeable and explained everything to me. I highly recommend this dentist.
David Wilson, October, 2015
Very profesional staff. Doctor was very knowledgeable and profesional as well.
Doald Sadowski, September, 2015
I followed a recommendation to see Dr Khan to have my wisdom tooth removed, and had some fear of doing so until I arrived at his office in McMurray. There, I was greeted by a very friendly and competent office staff who guided me through all the particulars. Dr Khan introduced himself in a manner so genuine, and reassuring, answering any questions, explaining what he was going to do. My wisdom tooth was painlessly removed in a short time, much to my amazement and satisfaction. I felt like a member of his family in the pleasant conversational manner about him. I would easily recommend this practice to all my acquaintances because of Dr. Khan, his staff, and cleanliness of the office in a modern complex, which is so easily accessed with a turn off Rt 19 on Locust, and a right leading to the complex, with plenty of close parking.
John Busalacchi, September, 2015
I followed a recommendation to see Dr Khan to have my wisdom tooth removed, and had some fear of doing so until I arrived at his office in McMurray. There, I was greeted by a very friendly and competent office staff who guided me through all the particulars. Dr Khan introduced himself in a manner so genuine, and reassuring, answering any questions, explaining what he was going to do. My wisdom tooth was painlessly removed in a short time, much to my amazement and satisfaction. I felt like a member of his family in the pleasant conversational manner about him. I would easily recommend this practice to all my acquaintances because of Dr. Khan, his staff, and cleanliness of the office in a modern complex, which is so easily accessed with a turn off Rt 19 on Locust, and a right leading to the complex, with plenty of close parking.
John Busalacchi, September, 2015
I had an amazing experience here! On first impressions, the office is extremely clean and well maintained (it is a new location I believe), and the staff is welcoming and friendly. Dr. Khan gives exceptional care and truly gives you all his attention. He and the staff are thorough, and I want to thank the woman at the front desk on my first visit for being so kind when she called my Car Service for me; it was a long phone call. I would highly recommend this office to anyone in need!! You all ROCK!!
Jaimie Finseth, August, 2015
I had the best experience ever today !!! … I was sooo scared going in but Dr. Khan and Loren were so awesome and before I knew it my tooth was out !!! .. YEAH !!! … Everyone in the office is very pleasant and helpful … not to mention that the new office is beautiful … I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Khan for any of your needs … THANK YOU,
Tina Willhoft, August, 2015
I had 11 teeth surgically removed at noon today, and had scrambled eggs, sausage (ground), and shredded toast at 8pm with my meds. I love this Office, wonderful treatment, great Dr, and the anesthesiologist was awesome. Thanks to you all!
Jo Butler, July, 2015
Dr. Mohammed A. Khan did a great job with my Son’s oral surgery. His staff was very friendly and helped us a lot with the paperwork needed to get his surgery done. We are very happy with this office and all the work he got done here.
Kurt Karmann, July, 2015
I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Khan at Three Rivers. I was very pleased by the friendliness and great dental care. The pain was minimal and short in time. A very good place to have your dental needs taken care of.
The next Best thing, July, 2015